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Submit your interest by September 10, 2018



WHEN: Friday November 30, 2018 
WHERE: The Cotton Factory – MAIN EVENT SPACE
SPONSORED BY: Marie Phillips, NEXT STEPS Planning



This unique exhibition setting allows for each artist to showcase and sell their work. Each artist is given an approximate 10’x10’ area to create their own individual exhibit. Gain great exposure and the opportunity to sell at the peak Christmas buying season.
Why you should participate:


ACCESSIBILITY – Participation costs for exhibitors are minimal compared to trade shows and commercial events. This event allows for the opportunity of participation cost to be refunded back to the artist after the exhibits completion. (please see rules for further explanation).


EXPOSURE – We work hard to support artists to draw audience and professional contacts via our networks within the media and local community and provide access to our social media followers. Each artist will 

receive their personalized BIO page on the website, social media blasts and recognition posters at the event. In 2017, this exhibit had over 130 guests throughout the evening.


AND MORE – We are proud to announce the participation of the HPO – Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. HPO will be providing a Quartet to accompany us during the evening, with a special ½ hour performance for all guests.


Each artist is supplied with an approximate 10’ x 10’ area. There will be designated / marked areas for each artist and offered at a first come/first serve basis. Note that not all spaces have walls and you will be required to bring your own standing walls. 
The venue supplies a limited amount of display tables and easels. Again, these will be offered at a first come / first serve basis. You will be required to bring your own tables, easels, command hooks and additional items required for your exhibit.
You may not put nails in the walls. All hung art on walls must be hung with command hooks. You must allow for additional setup time for this.
You are requested to submit your ‘showcase’ piece unfinished. This is the speaking point to each guest to discover your process. If your art cannot be shown as unfinished (glass blowing etc.,) please consider a small display of items to demonstrate a process.
You are requested to, but not obligated to, participate in the raffle draw. To participate you are asked to submit one piece of art to the raffle table. (this can be any piece of art that you have not previously been able to sell, it does not need to be a new piece). All proceeds from the raffle will be divided evenly between participating artists.


To participate you are requested to submit your $50.00 entry fee. This is to guarantee your spot at the event. If you participate in the raffle, you receive back your share of those proceeds. The ticketed portion of the evening will generate additional funds which after taking off expenses, any extra monies will be divided amongst all artists. We hope, that by the end of the event, you will have earned money to participate.


Please email Helen Campbell directly at:
Subject line: WIPARTEXHIBIT2
Once your email is received, Helen will send you your confirmation as well as instructions of payment and request additional information from you.

September 10, 2018

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