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Michelle Teitsma

Michelle Teitsma has a degree from Sheridan College for visual arts majoring in Classical Animation. She also earned a degree in advanced airbrush from Mohawk College. She had been a partner with the Jordan Art Gallery for five years, before leaving the gallery to live in Dundas.    She had sat on the advisory board with the Grimsby art gallery for five years, on the collections and acquisitions committee. She also, during this time period, taught oil painting classes to children and adults at GPAG as well as at her studio in Dundas.  A large mural donated by the artist, hangs at the West Lincoln memorial hospital.


"My paintings have varied over the years, as I experiment with form, light, shadow and my palette. I have always enjoyed a challenge at my easel, and the different ways that a moment in time can be interpreted. I work primarily in oils on wood or canvas".

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