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Join us for an intimate event! 2024 planning underway!

2023 we held our show at Ancaster's Brewers Blackbird, timed perfectly to select a unique Mother's Day gift.  Guests enjoyed live music performed by Caroline Wiles while they browsed, engaged in conversation, and sipped their beverage of choice (cash bar).


Support your local artists. Be sure to browse the Artist's page.

All art was at one time, a work in progress. That middle ground, where the artist might flounder, question, and rework. The direction at the onset is forward, studiously and with a confidant stroke of the brush, click of the camera, caressing the clay.  But soon we stand at a crossroads, where we must decide our next step.  


This can be a very sensitive time for the artist, when the mood has been broken, the flow, stemmed. We are caught up in the moment of pure creativity, a meditational state of focus, that when we stand back and come back to reality, we must reevaluate this raw version of what we endeavor to morph into what exactly?

Many of the works in our show will feature a piece of art that is still a work in progress. It is a brave thing to do, letting the public see a work that is in its infancy, its underpainting laying bare for the world to see, lines still being worked out, and palette being changed. But by sharing this journey that the artist is still working on, they invite the viewer to a part of a process that is usually done in solitary confinement.


Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor

What may be a  goal today can and will change.  As Wealth Advisors, working with people and business owners in our community, we need to accommodate these changes that occur in our lives. Expect the unexpected. 


What impact will an unexpected event have on your short and long-term goals? How do changing goals affect your long-term plans?


Life IS a work in progress. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

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