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Amanda Hammill

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Amanda Hammill is an artist living in the Ancaster area. This is her third year participating in the Work in Progress exhibition. Amanda works with alcohol inks on non-porous surfaces such as Yupo paper and ceramics to explore ideas about transparency, depth and the interplay of color, shape and texture. Working with a medium that is fluid and unpredictable, she creates surrealist images that echo mood and focus on the beauty of improvisation rather than the depiction of form. She uses a variety of techniques and tools (brushes, air, a blade of grass, fire, sponges, old credit cards) to blend and manipulate form and texture from puddles of ink. She often finishes her pieces with several coats of epoxy resin to accentuate the vivid colour of her work. Amanda is a member of the Alcohol Ink Art Society and the Alcohol Ink Art Community.

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