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Manuela Marinello

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Born and raised in Italy, Manuela started to manifest her passion and irresistible drive for art when she was a child, together with a spontaneous curiosity for nature. She started travelling very young and she got the precious opportunity to experience different cultures and see different forms of art. All those experiences and memories are translated in her artworks.

The constant artistic research and her natural curiosity for new materials and mediums led her to discover this fascinating and unpredictable medium: encaustic. This blend of bees wax, resin, shellac and pigments, together with the use of a blow torch, always puts her in a state of deep meditation and fascination, and every step of the creation leads to an organic form of art.

This September Manuela joined the advance studio program at the Dundas School of Art where she works with her tutor, the Director John Wilkinson.

“I feel my artwork never stops to evolve. I keep looking for new ways to express my art… it’s a long life journey full of learning opportunities.”

Manuela works from her home studio in Ancaster.

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