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William Ferguson

William was born in Hamilton Ontario, in 1971, and still lives there today. A family friend who was also an artist, introduced him to oils at age ten and soon after William was learning landscape techniques from local artist Norman Bratty.

William graduated from McMaster in 1995 with a Bachelor of Art History. That same year he received the Hamilton Spectator’s, Readers Choice Award for favourite Local

William played with many mediums, while painting. Sometimes using abstract foundations by creating large backgrounds of colour to pull images from, while other
moments, choosing a very simplistic approach.


With hopes of reproducing a stylized form of sketching, thread was introduced to create more gestural lines within paintings. “There is magic in the gestural quality of a sketch that resonates within us. The hints created by lines and contours suggest ideas or feelings captured in that moment.”

William has been showing paintings in galleries throughout Ontario for many years. Much of his works now span the globe with many local private collections and as
far reaching as Australia, the west coast of the United States and several countries in Western Europe.

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